Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MUSLEH Debate 2009

I was one of the observers during the final MUSLEH International Students Debating Championship 2009 when Sri Ayesha met SMI Al-Amin Gombak in English category. It was an interesting match. We sent in 2 teams for English and 1 team each for Arabic & BM. All did well and parents should be proud of them all!

Alhamdulillah, at Sri Ayesha we have young talented children and these talents just can't go to waste.
"Debate is like a combat... you destroy your enemy with words!"

That's the famous words of Denzel Washington in "The Great Debaters"

Famous words aside...majority of public speakers and school's debaters will end up becoming someone great in the future. You know why I say that. You have all the answers to that, and I need not prove anyone for now. The bigger question is: How do tap into this potential?

Learning is a natural process... children didn't do things based on words that you say, but by looking at what and how things surrounding them evolves and happens. We shall talk more about this principle of teaching in my future posting.

Meanwhile, all young debaters...Mabruk and congratulation!

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