Monday, March 2, 2009

Rehearse everything.

Monday was Sports Day rehearsal for Sri Ayesha... Everyone were very excited to actually touch and feel the stadium's track for the "first time". We received 2 new students today - A kindergartner & Standard 2. Very glad that both of them can adapt themselves with their surroundings fairly quickly.

I would like to talk about rehearsal - 'shacking the floor' as some may put it. Or as I normally use the term 'kicking the tires' in my line of work (due-diligence exercise). The point is, we should never take things for granted. That's the good thing about doing rehearsal. We anticipate disaster to happen...or red flags! The fact, we rehearse everything...

If we want perfection, we can't easily give in to self-limitation. The famous slogan nowadays... "Yes we can!" (Sounds like one of the Obama campaign). It is very interesting to notice the students using chanting such as 'getting things done', 'we are the best' etc during sports day 'fever'. Coming back to rehearsal issue... I have met many personalities that rehearse things in their life...until to a point that the real thing became a rehearsal for him in pursuing future opportunities. To my Sri Ayesha children out there...I know this may sounds a bit tricky but you need to rehearse the understanding while reading this note - to understand my writing. Just keep on trying things out to its perfection.

Life is no more that rehearsal of the real eternity. The more we rehearse, the more we get it right! The righter we are, the better we will end up be in eternity. So start rehearsing...

Abu Nafeesa

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