Tuesday, July 16, 2013

From Nadiya to Nafeesa & Fattah

Nuaim is officially 16! And Nadiya is having some selingan for your Ramadhan!
Sollu 'alan-Nabi!

Nadiya is sending this to Nafeesa & Fattah in Jordan.  Fyi, she is one of the singers with the AnNadiya Nasheed Group at Sri Ayesha and she loves this nasheed (she has sung this last year the Malay-Arabic version).  She said you will love this too; this group resembles our family (in her imagination, of course) - all together 9 (with 3 ladies - ummi, you and herself).  Fattah is the tall one, Fakhry...you figure that out :-)

Ramadhan alMubaarak! Pray hard, study hard and loads of doa'

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