Monday, August 10, 2009

Small little thing!

"It's a small little thing, that can cling and just ring... "

Sorry, but that's not how you should describe the flu virus. It is small alright, can cling... may be. It can ring? Well, sounds about right to me (my ears are ringing). (The quotation is actually from a nasheed lyric of Native Deen.)

Flu or influenza is an Italian word meaning "influence". See... small little thing is also very influential! This is the thing you need to be studied more boys and girls! And insyaAllah you can emulate this flu behavior and become very influential someday - for something good of course!

I was struck with this 'small little thing' too! At this moment I quarantined myself. I don't think it has anything related to one of the "bad influence" (H1N1) but bad enough that it knocked me off to my wonderful bed throughout the day. 2 tablets of PCM will give me a good one-hour-period to do thing with a clear mind. Afterward, I will become zombie again.

Until today, there are 32 deaths in Malaysia due to this small tiny virus. Rarely heard off in Dubai, though. In the US, an average of 20 over thousands death occurs due to flu attack yearly. Go figure! So never underestimate things that are much smaller than you. Stop and think - and you will realize the power the Almighty the Creator.

Unlike the influenza, which is bad, there are many 'small little things' that we should learn from this episode of 'small thing' influencing the 'big outcome'. We can get used to do small good things in our life. Throwing away trash in garbage area. Wash our own plates after eating. Switch off the light before leaving the room. Help out our parents at home. Smile & say Salam. Any many more these 'small little things', that can cling and just ring... And will bring the blessing from Allah Who's the King!

Pic info:
1) Negatively stained influenza virions, magnified approximately 100,000 times

2) Spreading potentially lethal pathogens, influenza virus particles (brown) invade cilia (blue) in the airways of the human lung.
Image by Karsten Schneider/Science Photo Library

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