Friday, February 12, 2016


"Normalization" is a Montessori term that describes the process that takes place in the classrooms in which young children, who typically have a short attention span, learn to focus their intelligence, concentrate their energies for long periods of time, and take tremendous satisfaction from their work.

The following are characteristics of normalization in the child (6-9 yo):
  • A love of order;
  • A love of work;
  • Profound spontaneous concentration;
  • Attachment to reality;
  • Love of silence and working alone;
  • Sublimation of the possessive instinct;
  • Obedience;
  • Independence and initiative;
  • Spontaneous self-discipline;
  • Joy
  • The power to act from real choice and not just from idle curiosity.
From the age of 6 onwards, the characteristic evolves slowly into making them someone who loves to social, collaborate, and serve others.  Their ability to acquire basic skills previously will transform into "them" contributing to the community inside the classroom. Sri Ayesha is helping this growth in behaviour and character by giving them time and space (the environment) so they can flourish in attaining courage, self-confidence and independence in life.

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