Monday, November 26, 2012

Live a CREATIVE life.

“No one likes to feel bewildered. I don’t and I’m sure you don’t either. But disliking that feeling and avoiding it at all costs are two different things. An everyday creative person makes an effort to embrace bewilderment, even though she dislikes the feeling, because she knows that she has no other good choice. Every creative journey is marked by patches and even long stretches of bewilderment as, disoriented and upset, you realize that you don’t know what to do next. These patches of not knowing just can’t be avoided, unless you refuse to create.” ~ (Eric Maisel, Ph.D. from The Creativity Book)

There ya go. (Again.)

Anxiety, FEAR, bewilderment.

They all come along for the creative ride.
And, often, so does DEPRESSION.

Who do we know who has been depressed? Practically everyone we came across. Maybe.  Even people we never heard of in our life (?) Artist... worst. One out of every one artist. Maybe you? Certainly me.
“One out of every one artist.” Hah.

And I will add: Certainly me, too!

If you feel the funk more often than you’d like, it’s really important to know that we’re not the ONLY ones who’ve ever suffered. (Even though sometimes it can sure feel like everyone else has got it figured out and we’re the only rejects on the block. :)

As we embrace that, it’s also super important to create what researchers call a “Depression Plan.” We’ve gotta know what we’re gonna do when the "zombies" -- as my for-year-old-son Aziem put it-- threaten to take over the airwaves. (Btw, we finally reconciled the differences that zombies do not exist :))
From talking about your challenges (to another person, to your cat, whatever—it’s “liberating to speak your truth, pain and all, out loud”), making an effort to find reasons to be hopeful, challenging your negative thinking, focusing on the positive changes you’ve been rocking in your life, and asking for HELP (from friends, parents, husband, wife, relatives, counselors, yep and most importantly, from the Creator - Allah the almighty through patience and solat). If we fail,  get help in getting HELP.

I’d throw in: EXERCISE! Sweat Up.  And, cutting out the junk food, excessive Internet / TV etc. In another words: live a quality & creative life.

Have you ever done contemplation on the Quran?  Why not?  Even a word of self-contemplation when we read Quran will spark a moment of peace.  Many hadith talked about the heal and lights emitted to those who read Quran...internally and externally

There you go.  Just a quick reflection, not a recipe.   So... What’s your "depression" plan?!

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