Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little Quality Time

"Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."

The other day I was watching a cartoon show with my little Aziem and one thing I noticed was that kids never get board too easily with these cartoon shows.  Surprisingly, they ‘learn’ alot from it too.  Many parents happy that kids can understand English and may conclude, it’s good for their kids...  Zooming in closer (after time and time again), I also noticed the consistent theme of these cartoon shows i.e. children were taught to “be the adult” – in thinking, reasoning, talking – just be free and take chance in life. It’s good and bad at the same time. I've always pro liberty and freedom in learning (after a serious shaping process has taken place, that is). Nevertheless, that doesn't mean a child is free to decide based on what he or she 'thinks' is right, right? Wrong!

Exactly what i mean... How can we trust him/her making important decision in life when it comes to matter like - soul mate, or best friend, boyfriend girlfriend stuffs. (My dear teen-children at SA, no offense. I trust lot of your judgment but we need to talk more on this issue in my future posting, deal?).

Let me be more specific. Have you ever watched Disney movies --yep the G grade movie -- meant for general viewing suitable for both kids and adults. It's fun and entertaining movies to watch as far as the superb graphics is concerned.  Most of the time it makes a good laugh with the young one, right? That's a happy family you thought. Little that we notice the theme and 'hidden' message in almost all the so-called G's grade movies. The child will 'smartly' be influenced and empowered into making decision that totally against the wish of the parents. Ironically, they portrayed the parents as the 'un cleaver' bunch of adults, most of the time. If you're the adults in the movie, chances are you don't know much about solving the world problem – that job has been assigned to the young hero out heroin. The message is simple and straight forward for the child - it's ok to disobey your parents (especially when they're id#*ts and dumb). It’ totally OK and fun and adventures! Says who? Well, how about Aladdin? Or Simba? Or Mulan? It's a cross-boundary message -- cultures and religions. All included! From the desert heat of Africa to the green rain-forest of Asia. Religious kids to the kids living in jungle...atheist! Wow, that sounds alarming don't you think so? I think so. I'm not into any 'conspiracy theory' analysis here, but reality checked.  We don’t expect the script writers, directors and artist designers preaching Islamic dakwah in the movie right?  They’re for fun and more fund (money).

Where does all this put us, parents?  Some parents have no say in what their child can or can't watch. They're so permissive...No ground rules. Never thought one. Some just say no to TV's. Well good luck with that because the last time I checked, the kids without in-house TV's exposure starts acting weird when they're away in some hostel (secretly sneaking into neighbor's house to watch 'Miami vice', and the neighbor don't mind that).  Some of them even 'graduated' with a degree in watching TV's. Go figure.

Some parents are worried about violence and sex and lump all violence as anything involving killings and bombing.  That's why some parent took exception when teachers showed a short video presentation on the calamities and the reality faced by the poor children in Palestine. Parents thought that under the premise of peace & loving, let the child watch Disney only movies. And 5 years later they start to complaint, "why is it my daughter talks back and becoming more rebellious, she wasn't like that..." And what’s worst, our kids quietly making plan/s with someone he or she never met ever - yes, the online friend; hooked up by someone's friend who knew a friend's friend in the Facebook. Go figure one more time.

The issue is not "to watch or not to watch". Obviously it's inevitable. We're living in totally different 'jungle'. Ironically, It's just until recently that we got our act together and start to get to know the jungle we (the adult) used to live in and all of sudden, the new jungle creeps up (in out child's world). It's jungle out there, and that can't be more true nowadays. Digital jungle. Some make it sounded even more interesting like generation X, Y, Z (?), borderless, information super highway and many more 'terms' to come; trust me.

So next time you allow your child to comfortably smugly sitting in that pluffy sofa watching those cartoons -- to avoid from violence and negative adults influence from the CSI rerun, or because to quite them up -- you should be ready to re-program your child's mindset. Reset! Back to factory default, fitrah.

Well for a start, sit and watch along and become the 'in-house film censorship board'. Send your in-house message of the right and wrong -- at the right time, the right way... Reset their inner speech.  This is important! The Disney started its influence on our child at the very early age, why can't we fight back?  Yes, parents do strike back. Like any good advice taken from the Mythbuster guys, "kids, don't watch this without an adult supervision". Well, it's true. Entertaining and beneficial yes but never neglect out role. Now, that's a real quality time!